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A Dream is Born

Maddie has long dreamed of Hawaii. Visions of dancing palm trees and sparkling blue water have colored her dreams as long as she could remember. And the dolphins. Oh, the dolphins! Knowing they were out there swimming free just offshore with the possibility to see them leap and spin. Her 11-year-old body trembled with excitement.

As the leaves began to change in the midwest and winter threatened with gloomy skies, the plan, the dream started to become real. Tickets were booked for a trip in the heart of winter – a delightful shock of warmth and vitamin D to the system. Hotels were arranged, a dolphin encounter at Sea Life Park was a must along with a photo session.

Second only to dolphins was her fantasy of a photo session featuring herself as the beach queen. She would wear a long flowing dress and fragrant Haku lei as she stood at the edge of her ocean empire. The session would include her entire family, of course, but reserve a little bit of time just for her.

About the Session

Lanikai Beach has a natural bit of magic to it and sunrise there is a favorite location for family photography and films. In February, the sun rises between the twin islands making a beautiful spectacle. The glowing scene was punctuated by an outrigger canoe – a quintessential Hawaiian site.

The girls ran onto the scene in a gaggle of pink dresses. Sunrise stopped them in their tracks and their mouths fell open in delight. The light softened and we got to the business of playing and exploring.

Watch their family film here.

See a glimpse of their photo gallery here.

outrigger paddles past the mokula islands at sunrise on oahu hawaii
mom and daughter sharing a laugh on the beach in hawaii at sunrise
girl wearing a haku lei at the beach in hawaii
mom and daughters walking along the shore of lanikai beach during a family photo session in oahu
mom and daughters sharing a laugh on the beach at sunrise
girl wearing a haku lei stands by the water at sunrise in lanikai during a family photoshoot
sisters with matching joyfolie dresses playing in the water in hawaii
portrait of a girl wearing a haku lei in hawaii
portrait of a girl dancing at lanikai beach with the mokula islands in the background
a sloppy family hug at the beach in hawaii
mom spinning daughter at sunrise in lanikai during a family photo session

As the sun became firece, everyone was excited to make the transition to swimming in the cool water.

girl wearing goggles does a little jig before going into the water at lanikai beach
girl making a sand castle on the beach in hawaii
family lounging on the beach in lanikai hawaii
girl with goggles swimming underwater in hawaii
excited sisters running to the water at lanikai beach during photo session by little bird photography
couple sharing a hug in the blue waters of lanikai beach hawaii
dad helping daughters make a sand castle at lanikai beach hawaii during a Family Photography and Films session

How old were your kids when you had your last family photo session?

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