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Family Photographers in Koolina beach at sunrise

A Quiet Morning in Paradise

There was a short window during the pandemic when Oahu was relatively quiet. Few visitors were making the trip across the Pacific and that left roads a little more empty and peaceful. Hikes were quieter, and on most weekday mornings you could have an entire beach all to yourself. For outdoor-loving families who dared to travel during these months, the rewards were big.

Slowly families began to return to the islands and once again I was able to return to the”office”. Not my cramped computer space with piles of packaging and products and gear surrounding me, but the type with a fresh ocean breeze and sand between your toes. It was good to be back, meet new people, and take them to some of my favorite places.

mom and daughter share a laugh during an oahu family photographer session by little bird
family beach portraits in hawaii
girl looking at a tree
couple hugs during a beach photo session in hawaii
family hug at paradise cove lagoon in koolina oahu
daughter gives mom a big hug at sunrise during a family photo session
dad and daughter portrait in hawaii
portrait of a girl at the beach in oahu
mom and daughter playing at the beach during a fun family photo session in koolina

New Friends

The lucky family was staying in the villas at Koolina so we kept it easy and met at one of my favorite family-friendly beaches – Paradise Cove. Access to all of Koolina was closed for most of the pandemic so it had been almost a year since my last visit. I walked through the tree-lined path which opened grandly into the cove and ocean beyond and took a deep breath. It was so nice to be back. We spent an easy morning exploring the empty beach and sharing laughs. When the sun rose high enough to light the lagoon a brilliant turquoise we had to jump in.

It turns out, we weren’t alone after all. A few hungry sea turtles were cruising around the cove trying to catch bits of algae floating on the surface. It was a good day to be in Hawaii.

portrait of mom and daughter in the water at paradise cove
girl in the intertidal area in hawaii
portrait of a girl in the water at sunrise
mom and daughter exploring the intertidal area at paradise cove
portrait of a girl in the water in Hawaii during a family photo shoot
family sees a sea turtle at paradise cove koolina oahu
family beach portraits at koolina

Do You Want to Take Home Beautiful Memories of Your Hawaiian Vacation?

Make the most of your time in Hawaii with a fun morning playing, splashing and laughing. Afterwards you can take home beautiful memories of a fun day relaxing together. You can learn more about my family photography sessions here.

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