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I stood on the sand dunes taking in the scene. Birds skimmed the surface of the water and a smattering of pink clouds painted the horizon. Sunrise was still 15 minutes away, but it promised to be exceptional. I dug my feet further into the cool sand and mentally located the best patches of sand, the smoothest rocks and the most photogenic tidepools for the morning ahead.

I was excited to meet and photograph Evelyn’s family of three. They were visiting from the Pacific Northwest and were looking for a laid-back experience in nature – a beautiful place to explore and be themselves. Surprisingly, they specifically mentioned a love of plants. As a botanist by training, I couldn’t help feeling that we were kindred spirits.

As an added bonus, they had a toddler. Photo sessions with toddlers are some of my favorites. Yes, the little creatures can be unpredictable and tantrum-prone, but they also explore the world with unbridled joy and enthusiasm. That stuff’s contagious.

About the Session

They pulled into the gravel-studded parking lot at Makapuu Beach Park just as the sun touched the horizon. The rocky coastline at Makapuu is not exactly a botanical paradise, but it’s a scene that stops you in your tracks and demands open-mouthed stares of wonder.

The morning lived up to its promise and we explored the dunes and tidepools under a golden sky. Each rock was carefully overturned. Each puddle tested. All that beauty was balanced with a good dose of goofiness and humor. Laughter rang out over the little beach and the session felt like family. Almost like an advertisement for what a family could be. It was a good morning.

mom and toddler daughter watch sunrise in hawaii during a family photo session by little bird photography
family photographer captures moments of joy for a family on vacation in hawaii
silhouette of a family at makapuu beach
family hug at the beach
family portrait at sunrise over makapuu beach oahu hawaii
dad and daughter joyful portrait during a hawaii beach photo session
mom and toddler beach photo session
mom snuggles close with toddler during a family photo session in hawaii
family walks along the shore at sunrise in oahu at makapuu
family searching tide pools for treasures in hawaii
mom and toddler share a laugh against beautiful hawaii beackdrop
dad and daughter play in the water at makapuu beach with islands in the distance
family plays during a golden sunrise at makapuu during a fun family photo session
toddler grabbing dads hands
family explores tide pools in oahu during a family photo session by little bird photography
family plays at the beach in oahu
mom cuddles toddler daughter in the tide pools in oahu hawaii
family plays at the beach during a photo session in oahu with rabbit island in the backdround
toddler playing in the sand
family shares a laugh at the beach
family snuggles close at the end of a sunrise photo session in hawaii
mom and daughter play pattycakes in the tidepools of makapuu beach in hawaii
dad holds daughter in the air during a hawaii photo session with rabbit island behind

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