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A Big Move During a Pandemic

As much as my kids have struggled in response to the pandemic, my heart breaks for those who moved to Hawaii just as the world was shutting down. A new home and a new school can be daunting enough but then to be isolated and unable to make new friends can feel impossible. Fortunately, there are puppies in the world! Audrey found great comfort in her new friend and companion, a tiny terrier mix. It seemed like there was a puppy boom in Kailua at that time with little bundles of cuteness on walks and rolling on the sand. This happy creature was making long days of Zoom school tolerable and had brought a big smile to her face.

Sunrise Rainbows

I was only able to photograph a small number of families in 2020, but each of those felt extra beautiful as if the world cranked up the beauty meter to compensate. It was a little bit of magic to help in a difficult time. We met for a sleepy sunrise at Makapuu Beach Park. The breeze felt light and fresh and not strong enough to disturb the perfect waves rolling onto shore. They crashed against lava rock in big displays of power as we explored the surrounding dunes and tidepools. As the sun began to warm us, we decided to jump in the perfect blue water. As if in approval, a big rainbow spread across the sky. A perfect end to our session.

family walking on the beach at sunrise in oahu
portrait of a girl sitting on the dunes at sunrise oahu hawaii
dad and daughter share a laugh at an oahu family beach photo session
girl and her terrier puppy against the mountains in hawaii
family portraits at the beach in hawaii
girl watching the waves during a family portrait session in hawaii as the wind blows her hair
mom and daughter portrait at sunrise in oahu with makapuu lighthouse in the background
family walks toward the ocean at makapuu oahu
puppy playing with a stick in the sand at oahu beach
family portraits at oahu beach
mom and daughter hold hands high against a bright blue sky in hawaii
couple embrace against the backdrop of rabbit island at makapuu oahu
tween daughter hugs dad during a family photography session in oahu
Makapuu Beach Oahu with rabbit island and kaohikaipu island in the distance
submerged family portrait in Makapuu tide pool Oahu
woman holds a cute terrier puppy during a photoshoot
mom and daughter portraits at the beach in oahu
terrier puppy running on the beach in hawaii
Family Photographer Oahu Hawaii couples portrait at makapuu with rainbow

Let’s Make Some Memories!

Freeze time to capture whatever stage of life your family is in with a fun morning of photography. Yes! Photo sessions can actually be fun. I can tag along at your favorite places or introduce you to some of mine. Either way, we’ll make it a morning to remember. Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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