Family Beach Pictures at Laie Beach | A Moody and Dramatic Landscape

The Beauty of Laie Beach Park

Laie Beach Park is a personal favorite for family beach pictures. This beach is a bit of a chameleon. I’ve enjoyed some stunning sunrises at this beach, but other days are so warm and muggy you can’t wait to jump into the crashing surf.  Even cloudy days lend a dramatic mood that makes the colors feel rich and vibrant. No matter the conditions, it’s always breathtaking.

As you approach the cliffs on the far end of the beach, you’ll notice the noise as towering waves assault the side of the cliffs. This wave action gives the beach a nickname of Pounders Beach. Most days, you’ll find daring body boarders getting pummeled beneath the cliffs. Don’t let that scare you away. The gentle slope of the shore means it’s still fun for even the littlest kids to splash along the edge of the wild surf.

Can a Family Beach Pictures Really Be Fun?

Here’s the thing, getting in front of a camera for traditional family photos isn’t fun. It’s just not. It’s usually awkward and wildly uncomfortable. You start to question everything. Am I standing like a normal person? Does my face look funny? What on earth am I supposed to do with my hands?! And that doesn’t even take into account what the kids are doing. Okay, maybe I’m a little traumatized from my own past photo experiences. That was the driving factor behind Little Bird Photography. I wanted more for less. More meaningful family images with less pain. Much less pain.

Over the course of many years and many families, I’ve developed a long list of tried and true silly games, bad puns, and physical activities designed to get family members close and laughing. I’m usually trying to infuse a boost of energy into the group, but with some families, I simply cannot keep up. This was one of those families.

The Session

Our session quite literally started with crab throwing on the beach. It only got crazier from there. There were races and tree climbing and many bad jokes. They may have “borrowed” a kayak only to have it tip in the surf dumping its disgruntled passengers on the beach. I laughed so hard at times that I couldn’t hold my camera up. My only regret was not having more time to spend with this hilariously fun family.


family playing in the surf for Family Beach PicturesMom and daughter share eskimo kisses during family beach pictures by Little Bird Photographyfamily lies together on beach flowers in oahu for Family Beach Picturesbeautiful view of koolau mountains from laie beach parkmom and daughter exploring coast of oahufamily launching a kayak at laie beach park during a family photo session in oahuportrait of a boy smiling on the beachcrab on the beach in laieFamily Beach Pictures with mom and daughter hugging in black and white by Little Bird Photographymom and daughter hugging under moody skies at a beach in hawaiidad and son playing on the beach in hawaiifamily catching crabs at laie beach park in oahumom giving son a big hug on a beach in hawaiibest views in oahugirl playing in the surf in oahuoahu family photographer at laie beach parkcouples portrait at laie beach parkman trying to catch a crab at a beach in hawaiifamily beach picturesfamily playing along the shore with reflection in the water

Do you have a fun family?

No need to waste a precious morning of your vacation posing for stiff portraits and telling the kids to behave. Your portraits should match your personality. Let’s plan a fun morning adventure so you have a great time and take home great images full of personality. Find out more about my family photo sessions here.

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