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The Country Life

Alex and his family live the country life on Oahu. A path on one side of their house leads to a small stream where they spend many days happily exploring. If they want bigger water, they simply head across the street to Kahana Bay. Their small community is isolated and that brings them closer together. It’s not unusual to return home to a gift of ripe papayas or bananas on your doorstep.

They delighted in this slow pace of life in idyllic valley tucked away from the hectic pace elsewhere on Oahu. It’s been their beloved home since their daughter was born, but that was about to change. With heavy hearts, they needed to make a big move to the mainland. Our photo session was a way to capture one of their favorite family rituals so they could always keep it in their hearts.

Sunrise at Kahana Bay

Kahana Bay has a wild feel. It’s one of the rainiest areas on the island. As a result, the surrounding mountains and valley are a deep green and often cloaked in rain clouds. It’s a dramatic backdrop to a family photo session and a fun place for any kid to explore. Crabs scuttle along the shore while small fish swim in the shallow rivulets leading to the ocean. The waves are long and gentle and there is usually a tree swing somewhere in the bay. For adults, the perfectly spaced trees along the shore demand a hammock and a long nap.

I was expecting the typical gloom that hangs over Kahana, but on this particular morning, we were met with sunshine. Bright rays streamed over the adjacent ridgeline where ambitious hikers were already taking in the view from above. An extremely low tide mirrored the surrounding beauty and made for an excellent, natural splash pad. The family wasted no time. This was their home and the raced straight to the ocean to play in the shallows.

After a bit of fishing and hide-and-seek in the adjacent forest, it was time for waves. The tide was low enough that we were easily able to walk out to the sandy shores adjacent to the fish pond. The views were breathtaking, but our focus was on the perfect sandcastle followed by the perfect wave. We mastered them both.

family running on Kahana Beach with mountains behind and reflections
toddler playing on the beach in hawaii during a family photography session
dad holding a crab in his hands
mom showing toddler daughter a tiny fish during a family adventure photography session
mom and daughter holding hands on the beach
family hug during a photo session at kahana bay oahu
mom and daughter running on the beach in kahana oahu hawaii
family photo session at kahana bay
mom and daughter snuggle during a family photoshoot by little bird photography
toddler portrait as she explores kahana bay hawaii
toddler collecting fruits during a family beach photo session in hawaii
family walking in kahana bay at low tide with reflections and mountains in the background
toddler riding on dads shoulders with mountains behind on windward oahu beach
mom and daughter touch noses during a fun family photo session in hawaii
toddler sucking her thumb at the beach
mom and daughter playing at the beach in hawaii during a lifestyle family photography session
mom pushing daughter on a body board in oahu
family portrait in the water at kahana bay oahu
toddler girl heading out to surf some waves at kahana beach
family building sand castles together at kahana beach hawaii
mom and daughter at the beach
toddler girl building a sand castle with a reflection at kahana beach hawaii
toddler girl snuggling up to dad during a beach photo session in hawaii

What Does A Great Day Look Like for Your Family?

Let’s head to the beach or mountains for some much-needed family time and a bit of adventure. We’ll have a great morning and you can walk away with beautiful images that feel like you. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

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