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Colored Powder Family Photoshoot at laie beach park oahu

Caution – Teenager Ahead!

Teenagers are the last frontier, the great unknown. At least for me personally. With a middle-schooler at home, I have intimate knowledge of the various stages of childhood until that point, and so far, things have been good. The terrible twos were actually the terrible threes but otherwise, we bypassed any overly dramatic ages.

What comes next, however, well, that scares me. Parents of teenagers often tell me in hushed tones how their formerly sweet child dramatically shifted overnight into an aloof, moody creature they don’t even recognize. These parents seem exhausted and sad. And so I wait anxiously – when does this change happen? Does it always happen? Can it be prevented?

Bright Colors for a Fun Family

Most of the families I photograph have young children. Little kids are adorable after all and parents feel the passing of time more acutely in the early years as their kids grow and change rapidly. When I do get to photograph families with teens I observe carefully and ask questions. Surprisingly and without fail, these families put me at ease. They are loving, affectionate, and goofy. And this family was no exception.

Holly’s family is in the military and they recently moved to Hawaii. Their goal was to capture some joyful beach memories before a long deployment. She chose beautiful Laie Beach Park or Pounder’s Beach and we met in the chilled dawn air. Despite our shared love of color, sunrise was stubbornly subdued that morning. A bank of clouds hung low over the horizon leaving us in the muted blues of morning. No worries we brought our own color to liven things up.

After taking in the beauty of the beach and sharing laughs and inside jokes, it was time for a bit of color. The color was inspired by the colored powder used during Holi, a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the “festival of colors”. And closer to home, the color was inspired by shared memories of past color runs.

Do You Have a Colorful Family?

Let’s bring out the color in your family photos! Whether the color comes in powdered form or from nature, we can enjoy a fun morning together making memories. Find out more about my fun family photo sessions here.

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