Beach Portraits in Paradise (Cove) | Koolina, Oahu

Ready for the Beach

The twins grasped each other’s arms and shrieked in delight as the current sucked at their feet. The duo couldn’t resist the lure of the water and they had slowly ventured further and further into the surf until an unexpected wave hit them. They tumbled over each other and fell laughing in a soggy heap. Both were thoroughly soaked. Happy, but soaked. It was near the end of our photo session and Jamie looked at her dripping children and decided to call it. With three water-loving kids on the swim team, it’s hard to keep them out of the water. Next time they vowed to bring swimsuits.

Another trip to Hawaii means another opportunity for beach portraits and two years later, we talked excitedly as we made our way down the same narrow beach path. We considered different location options, but nothing seemed quite as appealing as the perfect little cove we visited for our last photo session. We returned to the same bit of paradise – Paradise Cove Beach.

Fun Beach Portraits

The sun rising on the opposite side of the island was coloring the sky with soft pink hues. The cove was cast in shadow and remarkably still. You could tell it was going to be a hot day and envision the crowds flocking to the beach with coolers and floats in hand. A line of people in cars waiting for a parking spot would snake out into the street. At this moment, however, the beach was all ours.

We immediately got to the business of family fun. We played games, made up stories and shared bad jokes. After lots of silliness, we turned our attention to the ocean playground. By this time, the sun was warming the cove and lighting the treasures beneath. A crab. A sea cucumber. Too many colorful fish to count. The water lovers were content.

Girl on the edge of Paradise cove at sunrise in oahu
family hug during a photo session in hawaii
dad and daughter share a laugh during a photoshoot
family lounging on rocks at the beach in koolina lagoons
portrait of a girl standing in a tide pool in hawaii
dad and son exploring the rocky intertidal zone at sunrise
mom and daughters sharing a laugh on a beach in hawaii
closeup portrait of a girl with a flower in her hair
twin sisters sharing a laugh during a family photo session in hawaii
siblings sharing a laugh at the beach in oahu
girl enjoying the sunshine and beach during vacation in oahu hawaii
Hawaii family beach portraits at paradise cove in koolina
dad and daughter play catch with a beach ball at koolina lagoons
underwater portrait of a girl standing on rocks
girl playing with a beach ball during a portrait session in hawaii
girl swimming in the clear blue waters of paradise cove in koolina oahu
boy with a beach ball taking in the views
siblings exploring tide pools during a family photo session by little bird photography in hawaii
twin sisters fishing with nets in koolina oahu
siblings about to race on the beach in hawaii with clear blue water in the foreground

Does Your Family Love to Play?

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