A Mini Family Photo Session | A Big Move for a Little Baby

The Island Wardrobe

I am admittedly biased, but Hawaii is a wonderful place to raise babies. You don’t have to bother with pesky articles like shoes (or even pants for that matter) until you hit the toddler stage. Even as toddlers, nudity is often their preferred and acceptable state. If you absolutely must wear clothes, a diaper and t-shirt will get you far. It makes both clothes shopping and potty training a breeze.

There may be some long-term consequences down the road, however. Convincing kids to wear shoes can be a real trial. My own kids complained of being suffocated by their sleeves. “My shirt is squeezing me!”

But it’s not just clothing – or a lack of clothing – that makes Hawaii a baby paradise. It’s the unlimited outdoor time. Outside there is endless entertainment in the form of sand, sticks, and water. So simple, but it can keep them happy day after day.

A Mini Family Photo Session

Megan and her family recently moved to Hawaii, so this beach scene was all new and exciting. Their big move was a perfect opportunity for a mini family photo session. We met the sunrise at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park to explore.

At first, baby Grace was unsettled by the shifting nature of the sand. It moved too much for her taste and she didn’t appreciate the way it stuck between her toes. It took a bit of convincing to get her back on the ground after our initial trial. Fortunately, driftwood makes for an excellent drum and no one can resist banging on a drum.

After snacking on a handful of sand, baby Grace seemed to feel more at ease on the beach. We just might turn her into a beach baby after all.

family walking towards the beach in hawaii
dad and daughter and sunshine during a family photoshoot
family leaving footprints along waimanalo beach
dad holding baby daughter's hands at a beach in oahu
family playing at waimanalo beach park during a family photo session in hawaii
mom kissing baby girl during fun family photo session in hawaii
baby portrait at waimanalo beach by little bird photography hawaii
profiles of dad and daughter by little bird photography

A Mini Photo Session is Perfect for Baby Milestones.

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