Oahu Child Portraits | A Kawainui Marsh Sunset in Kailua

The Best Compliment

As the golden sky faded to a cool blue and we walked to our respective cars, he called out in an earnest tone, “When can we see you again?” “Soon, I hope” I called out and drove away with a smile on my face. That may be the biggest compliment you can get from a 9-year-old boy.

Portraits ticked off the must do list

Shannon reached out for a family photo session at the end of last year. They are a busy family involved in multiple sports and activities at different schools in different parts of the island. There is a lot to juggle on any given week and the year was rapidly drawing to a close.

They needed to update their annual family portraits, but their regular photographer had just moved off the island. A bit frantic, Shannon reached out for a last-minute session. She wanted something simple and easy that not only captured her children’s (sometimes serious, sometimes goofy) personalities but also fit their hectic schedules.

Since they aren’t a big beach family, we chose something greener and met on a sunny afternoon at Kawai Nui Marsh trail. The kids are about the same age as mine and we had fun talking about their lives and playing silly games.

I sometimes worry about keeping older kids entertained if we’re not doing an activity – catching waves or climbing trees – but the conversation flowed and time passed quickly. Asking if we can meet again really was the best compliment. Hopefully, we can meet again soon for more laughs and another mini session.

portrait of a girl swinging her hair during oahu child portraits session
portrait of a boy
kids play on a tire swing at kaha park in kailua
girl standing on the levy in kailua
portrait at kawainui marsh in kailua by little bird photography
siblings hug at kawainui marsh in kailua during a family photo session
siblings standing on the levy in kailua
siblings share a laugh during a oahu child portraits session in kailua
boy on a tire swing in hawaii
girl walking on the levy with mountains behind during a kailua photography session

Does Your Family Have a Hectic Schedule?

No worries! Let me plan something that fits your needs and keep it simple and fun. Find out more about my fun family and child photography sessions here.

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