The coolest kids birthday party on Oahu at Gunstock Ranch

Gunstock Ranch has the coolest kids birthday party on Oahu. Seriously, they have everything you can think of. Pony rides and a petting zoo you would expect, but they also throw in a playground, lawn games, swimming pool,  covered pavilion and campfire. Nancy took it a step higher to make it an epic party for her son who was turning 3. You have to spoil only children. It’s a rule, right?

He was surrounded by family and friends including his entire preschool class and bounced around to each person and activity with great enthusiasm. There’s nothing cuter than watching preschoolers play together. A tentative, “do you want to play with me?” before running off together. Two-year-olds mostly play near each other. Their major interactions typically involve toy theft so I love it when they actually play together.

 coolest kids birthday party oahuTatum was so excited to see his friend that he actually caught some air. Check out those little feet!

birthday party ideas oahuPaniolo in the making. Tatum was a bit hesitant to try out the pony rides, but once he did he was hooked.

kids pony party birthday

The petting zoo was my personal favorite. They had baby versions of everything including goats that were just a week old. The kids were thrilled and the whole thing was adorable.

coolest kids birthday party oahukids birthday party petting zoo

So much to do. Kids carefully scheduling their next activity.

kids birthday party ideas

Nancy also brought some games along. Setting up this obstacle course wasn’t easy because kids kept running off with parts of the course. It was Tatum’s clear favorite though. He plowed through that course.

kids birthday party games oahu

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the shave ice truck arrived.

birthday party places oahuAnd then this happened. The tragedy of the spilled shave ice. Love this series.

shave ice truck kids birthday partybirthday celebration oahu

And my favorite picture of the day. At every birthday party i’ve been to there has been one kid that couldn’t help himself and just had to blow out the candles.

fun oahu family photographybirthday cake oahuThe kids loved these giant plastic pipes. The pushed them, rolled in them napped in them … they may have been content with only the pipes and some cake. I need to get some of those for the yard.

childrens birthday party oahubirthday party places oahugunstock ranch birthday party

Oh, and did I mention the train? and the playground? Seriously good party.

kids birthday party oahucoolest kids birthday partyA fire pit complete with s’mores for a grande finale.

kids birthday campfire

My daughter has her third birthday coming up. Her only request was a lollipop until she saw me editing these photos. Now she wants the same exact party. I guess we’ll be heading to Gunstock Ranch ourselves soon.

Contact me if you have an important birthday coming up. I’ll capture the memories so you can actually enjoy the day!

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