A Mini Family Photo Session | A Big Move for a Little Baby

The Island Wardrobe

I am admittedly biased, but Hawaii is a wonderful place to raise babies. You don’t have to bother with pesky articles like shoes (or even pants for that matter) until you hit the toddler stage. Even as toddlers, nudity is often their preferred and acceptable state. If you absolutely must wear clothes, a diaper and t-shirt will get you far. It makes both clothes shopping and potty training a breeze.

There may be some long-term consequences down the road, however. Convincing kids to wear shoes can be a real trial. My own kids complained of being suffocated by their sleeves. “My shirt is squeezing me!”

But it’s not just clothing – or a lack of clothing – that makes Hawaii a baby paradise. It’s the unlimited outdoor time. Outside there is endless entertainment in the form of sand, sticks, and water. So simple, but it can keep them happy day after day.

A Mini Family Photo Session

Megan and her family recently moved to Hawaii, so this beach scene was all new and exciting. Their big move was a perfect opportunity for a mini family photo session. We met the sunrise at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park to explore.

At first, baby Grace was unsettled by the shifting nature of the sand. It moved too much for her taste and she didn’t appreciate the way it stuck between her toes. It took a bit of convincing to get her back on the ground after our initial trial. Fortunately, driftwood makes for an excellent drum and no one can resist banging on a drum.

After snacking on a handful of sand, baby Grace seemed to feel more at ease on the beach. We just might turn her into a beach baby after all.

family walking towards the beach in hawaii
dad and daughter and sunshine during a family photoshoot
family leaving footprints along waimanalo beach
dad holding baby daughter's hands at a beach in oahu
family playing at waimanalo beach park during a family photo session in hawaii
mom kissing baby girl during fun family photo session in hawaii
baby portrait at waimanalo beach by little bird photography hawaii
profiles of dad and daughter by little bird photography

A Mini Photo Session is Perfect for Baby Milestones.

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Laie Family Photos | Celebrating a Third Birthday in Hawaii

Turning Three in Hawaii

I braced myself for the terrible twos. When the tantrums and trials never materialized, I thought I was in the clear. With a sigh of relief I entered the threes only to be blindsided by, well, tantrums and trials.

Whenever I photograph a three-year-old, I’m on high alert. It’s perhaps, the cutest age as they are so tiny and so full of opinions and personality. However, these adorable creatures are volatile and I appraoch them with great care.

Sunrise and Surf at Laie Beach Park

With excitemend and a bit of caution, I met Cindy and her sweet little family of three amidst the pounding waves at Laie Beach Park. Sunrise arrived with strong winds howling through the trees and whipping the waves into a frothy soup.

Their visit to the island coincided with Maya’s third birthday so they decided to make the most of the happy coincidence with a family photo session.

Maya is a fearless little creature and made a direct beeline to the pounding surf, dragging mom and dad along with her. She was so full of joy and energy that she could barely keep both feet on the ground. Her favored mode of transportation included many skips, leaps, and hops. all conducted with deep belly laughs of delight.

We spent the morning exploring every inch of the beach. Every stick tested. Every crab hole investigated. She led and we followed marvelling at her endless supply of joy. After spending a morning with little Maya, it’s hard to believe she’s every anything but sunshine and happiness. Maybe turning three isn’t so scary after all.

You can watch their mini family film below.

Take a peak at the photos from their session here.

family watching the sun rise over the ocean in hawaii
mom and dad hold daughters hands as they play in the surf in oahu
mom and daughter run down the beach during photoshoot by little bird photography
sweet family moment at the beach during a family photo session in hawaii
dad and daughter silhouette at the beach
toddler girl jumping at sunrise on the beach in oahu
dad holding daughter in the air as she giggles
toddler girl full of personality
family walking along the beach at sunrise in hawaii
toddler feet with footprints in the sand and wave approaching
oahu family photography at laie beach park
toddler girl playing at the beach by little bird photography
family plays on the beach in hawaii as waves pound the shore
mom holding daughter at the beach in hawaii

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North Shore Family Photo Session | Towering Trees and Baby Waves

Follow Your Curiosity

As you drive around the island, you will come across clusters of cars awkwardly parked along the shoulder. There will be 20, 30, or more cars in a remote area, but no people in sight. It makes me unbearably curious. What am I missing out on? It feels like some secret beach or hike or park is just out of sight. So I started to investigate. I parked my car in line with the others and looked for signs of life or a trail to follow.

One time, my curiosity led me to a nude beach along a quiet strip of land on the North Shore. Ah, that’s what everyone is doing here. Most times, it’s led to something fantastic like Kawela Bay.

The small, crescent-shaped bay is abutted by dense forest. Banyan trees dominate the canopy sending prop roots to the forest floor where they create a natural playground. These sprawling trees are a climbing gym, fort, cave, and swing all in one. A kid paradise. And when you tire of the trees, the beach beckons beyond the branches.

About this North Shore Family Photo Session

Michelle and her family make an annual trip to Oahu to visit family and each time they do, I get to plan a new adventure for them. They are beach-lovers so a mellow swimming beach was a must. The forest was something new.

The kids were hesitant at first. It was a windy day and rubbing tree branches groaned suspiciously like hidden monsters. Slowly, they got used to the strange forest noises and began to explore. They tried to walk a fallen limb like a balance beam, test a dangling tree root for swing-ability, and peer into tree caves for trolls.

North Shore Family Photo Session in a hawaiian rainforest
mom fixing daughters hair during a photo shoot in the forest
portrait of dad and sons in a hawaii rain forest on the north shore of oahu
closeup of girl spinning in the forest
couples portrait in the rain forest on the north shore of oahu
mom spinning daughter under giant banyan tree roots in hawaii
kids playing in the banyan trees in hawaii
mom and daughter share a silly kiss in a hawaiian rainforest
siblings sitting on a log during a family photo shoot in hawaii
dad and sons walking through tropical forest in hawaii
family photo session in the rainforest in hawaii
mom and sons exploring the forest in hawaii
dad helping son during a jungle photo shoot in hawaii
siblings trying to share a kiss during a family photo shoot in hawaii

When the mosquitoes became unbearable and we were itching to get in the water (pun intended), we were greeted with this scene.

kids heading out to play in the water at kawela bay oahu
dad holding son at the beach on the north shore of oahu
fun family photo session on the north shore of oahu
little boy playing in the water on the north shore of oahu
sandy feet walking on a log at a beach in hawaii
family wearing of one sea swimsuits during a photo shoot on the north shore of oahu
dad chasing son along the beach at kawela bay oahu
mom comforting son during a family photo session in oahu
family photo session at kawela bay
dad holding son at the beach during a family photo session
kids running on the beach at sunset in hawaii
girl drawing in the sand at a beach in hawaii
family playing at the beach at kawela bay oahu during a photoshoot
dad and kids plyaing at the beach on the north shore oahu at sunset

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Ala Moana Beach Park : A Sunset Picnic and Fireworks

A Magical Honolulu Sunset

Town isn’t far. It’s maybe a half hour drive from Kailua, but it feels far. The kids balk and throw their little bodies dramatically on the couch as we pick them up from school with news of our evening plans. “Noooo!” they moan. “We don’t want to go to the beach!” #truestory #Hawaiiproblems

Friday traffic certainly doesn’t help. Well, Friday traffic coupled with the (surprise!) Punahou carnival as we make a poorly timed sushi detour in Makiki. As traffic came to a grinding halt, brilliant, arching rainbows encourage us. They’re like a pat on the back for getting our lazy buts out of the house to meet with friends.

We arrive as the sun dips close the horizon, creating a golden shimmer to the still waters. Despite the chill, the kids approach the water. First, just testing the temperature with their toes before being drawn further and further. Thier fully clothed friends join in for a racuous water firght and no one can be coaxed back out of the water.

Waikiki Friday Fireworks Show

At 7:30 pm we hastily make our way to the Diamond Head side of Magic Island for the show. Barefoot kids lead the way with chattering teeth and excited talk. Every Friday without fail, the Hawaiian Hilton Village hosts a small fireworks display around 7:45 pm.

It was such a beatiful scene that I couldn’t decide between video or photos so I went with both.

silhouette of kids playing in the water at sunset in hawaii
ala moana buildings at sunset
a brilliant blue and orange sunset in waikiki
waikiki fireworks display from ala moana beach park

Need More Inspiration for Family Fun on Oahu?

You can hike out to the very tip of the island for a bit of nature, adventure, and a dramatically different type of Hawaiian sunset.

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Oahu Photos | Exploring the Tide Pools at Ko olina Lagoons

Oahu Photos in the Rain

The resorts at Ko Olina were created around the coast’s penchant for sunshine and warm ocean breezes. As a result, the mellow lagoons were branded as a second Waikiki where sun lovers could catch rays all day against the deep blue of the Pacific. But every once in awhile, rain finds its way to Ko Olina.

About the Session

A light drizzle and a hint of pink colored the sky as we walked to the beach at Paradise Cove. Overhead, a stubborn cloud seemed to have settled over the entire island and was unwilling to budge. Even so, it was a pleasant morning. A polite mist dappled our eyelashes and Mynah birds bickered in the trees as we started to explore. Ayla clung shyly to her dad while baby Kolter’s mouth gaped in a wide yawn. The beach was peaceful and empty.

The weather had a calming effect. Thick clouds seemed to muffle all sound which made everything feel slow and peaceful. Kolter braved the water first. He began by dipping his chubby toes in the water and was drawn in further by the flash of fish and crabs. The kids scrambled over slick rocks sharing delighted giggles as they uncovered new treasure. A hermit crab. A sea cucumber. A wide-eyed goby peering from a hole.

We explored until the rain became more persistent and drove us indoors in search of warmth and coffee. It turns out that Oahu photos are lovely, even in the rain. What a beautiful way to start the day.

mom and son explore tidepools during a fun family photo shoot by little bird photography in hawaii
engagement photographer captures a couple at ko olina beach in oahu
little girl laughs during a family portrait session at a beach in hawaii
oahu photos captured mother and son at a sunrise family photo shoot in hawaii
mom and daughter at a quiet lagoon in ko olina hawaii
grabbing mom for a big hug
siblings explore tidepools in koolina oahu during family photography session
mom and daughter share a laugh during family photoshoot by little bird photography in hawaii
girl being silly during a family photo session
fun family photography session at ko olina beach in oahu
mom holding onto little boy's hands as they play in the water in hawaii
quiet moment between mom and daughter at a hawaii beach

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