Meet Heather

There was a sudden rainstorm at the playground.  I ran for cover and that’s when I saw it - a small camera, rusting under the slides.  I had to rescue it.  Water dripped from the viewfinder as I held it up to my eight-year-old cheek, and I saw the world in a frame for the first time.

Even hooked on images, I still didn’t set out to become a photographer.  Instead I went into biology, and spent several years as a “bio bum,” traveling around the USA working on conservation projects for 3-6 months at a time.  I ended up in Hawaii earning a master’s degree in conservation biology, and jumped on a project working to protect sea birds on an uninhabited island.  I never left Hawaii.  We had our first child and adventures continued to unfold.

I circled back to the viewfinder, which I had been using to photograph wildlife, and started using it to photograph the wildest life of all - families.  I love the chaos, energy, and little gestures inherent to each family.  I find myself drawn to families whenever I’m out.  I watch them play and protect and care for one another.  It’s fascinating how these movements can be so beautiful.

Now, I’ve been exploring Hawaii with my family for 8 years.  I know how the weather works, how the tides run, how the light looks at that beach at sunrise in October and sunset in April.  I still talk biology shop - often with kids exploring tide pools at photo sessions.  But best of all I get to see your world in a frame for the first time, and help you see just how beautiful it is.  

I’d love to learn more about you.  Head over here to introduce yourself!

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