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Okay, this is an unusual spot for family fun on Oahu. If you’re a tourist, no, I can’t say this is a place to stop. But … if you have a bike wielding child under 5, it may be worth a look. The West Loch Community Shoreline Park is located in Ewa Beach. It fills a small peninsula that juts into the West Loch of Pearl Harbor. That means no cars, just a small bike path meandering around the peninsula.

We loaded up the kid’s bikes and headed out because … well, it was the only dry spot on the island and why not really. We followed the bike path to a series of short piers that encircle the peninsula. I assume they were constructed with fishing in mind, but today the water in the loch is off limits. As in, nasty and contaminated. Surprisingly, there were lots of fishermen and families crabbing when we visited.


West Loch community parkWest_Loch_Community_Shoreline_Park

The kids thought the piers were awesome. Especially when befriended by a 5-year-old fisherman who proudly showed his traps and his haul.


On the way back, the kids ditched their bikes in favor of the patches of long grass and good climbing trees.


Sure, it’s seen better days, but it has a bit of novelty on its side that make it worth a visit.

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