Play! | Hawaii family water photographer

family in Hawaii. first photographed this fast-moving family during a visit last year when I was slowed down by bout of pneumonia. Even with 100% health, they’re hard to keep up with. Fearless in the water

Kids dashed out of the car and made a beeline for the beach. Happened again.The beach is calling.

Next visit, big plans to visit the Kaneohe sandbar. Super excited.

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Do you have a fun, adventurous family?

Let’s plan a day playing and exploring so you can take home beautiful memories from your time in Hawaii. Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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Together | Laie Beach family reunion

Baby Nisha was barely crawling the last time we met and Tyler was a bundle of energy who wanted to run and run and run. They were visiting Oahu on vacation from Hong Kong and had such an amazing time that they decided to return. Only this time, they brought both sets of parents.

I met them on a busy summer weekend at Laie Beach Park. Summer had officially arrived and the beach was crowded with revelers either sunbathing or getting pounded by the surf. An ambitious group of college students created a makeshift trampoline using the pylons from the old pier and shrieks of laughter rang out over the parking lot. The kids were a little shy in all this chaos and hung tight to mom and dad’s legs as we made our way to the beach. After a little tickling and some silly games, they were ready to embrace the day.

Sessions with grandparents can be tricky. If the grand kids live far away and rarely visit, they can be nervous and shy around their grandparents. That’s why it was especially touching to see an immediate bond form. Little Nisha would let grandpa out of her site. Together they searched for beach treasures and shared many hugs. Such a special memory to take home.

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Are you planning a family reunion in Hawaii?

Make the most of this opportunity. We can plan a fun day together where you can play, reconnect, and take home beautiful memories. Find out more about my family photography sessions here.

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At last | Waimanalo Bay family photography

I peered through the blinds at the rain tapping incessantly on the window and sighed. We would have to postpone our photo session yet again, giving Susan’s family the dubious honor of worst weather luck. Three times we navigated busy schedules to put a date on the calendar and three times we were rained out. Our fourth attempt, though, was worth the wait.

The weather was clear and bright as I made my way through rush-hour traffic to meet them at the big beaches of Waimanalo Bay Beach Park. It was almost too bright and sunny so we started in the forest where golden sunlight filtered through the trees. Garrett was excited to showcase his ukulele skills. Playing is a passion of his and choosing which ukulele to bring had been a challenge. He selected a comfortable log and carefully reached into his travel case to extract the beautiful instrument. He hesitated, only for a moment, and then happy music filled the forest while waves crashed and people laughed in the distance.

We finished the evening with football and jumped in the ocean to cool off in the waves. It was a fusion of all their favorite things – family, football, music, and the ocean. In the end, we got our perfect day.

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What does your perfect day look like?

Let’s plan your perfect family day and capture great images along the way. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

Perfection | North shore Oahu family photographer

The area around Laniakea beach is known for its sea turtles – big ancient heavyweights that can easily knock you over as they forage for algae in the surf. That little beach with its lure of turtles causes some very annoying traffic jams extending from Haleiwa to Waimea Beach. Sometimes it’s better to just delay. Get out of traffic to pick up dinner at Foodland or one of the lunch wagons at Shark’s Cove, and head to the beach instead. After all, north shore sunsets are not to be beat.

These traffic delays have led me to discover some of my favorite beaches along the north shore. It was at one of these little hidden nooks where I planned to meet Jaime and her family. Jaime is a photographer based out of Austin, Texas. They were visiting Oahu to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary and wanted to capture their silly, beautiful family playing on the beach on their special day. And it was a good day.

The girls were scarfing down poke bowels when they pulled up and I immediately fell in love with them. My kind of family. They were impeccably dressed but not afraid to play and get dirty. We slowly explored the coastline, scanning for sea turtles and other critters as bright sun gave way to a stunning sky of soft pastels. There were spontaneous dance parties and waters fights as rays of light streamed from the clouds. I can’t imaging a more perfect day.

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Planning your own trip to Oahu’s north shore?

Let’s hit the beach together to play along the shore and take in a beautiful sunset. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.

Milestones | MCBH family photographer

It’s hard to be far away from family when you have young children. That’s especially true when your spouse is deployed. This military family makes the most of their time in Hawaii with frequent trips to the beach. It’s become a morning ritual. Some days Peyton wants to charge the water. Others, he is content to poke at crab holes and dig in the sand. This morning ritual was something Emily wanted to capture. And some grandparents all the way on the east coast might have begged and pleaded a bit too.

Since Peyton was turning one, we planned a short photo session to capture this milestone at Kalama Beach Park. He recently began to master walking, but the deep sand was still a challenge. He looked at us in exasperation and held out a tiny fist for help. And then he faced a dilemma – head to the water, play in the sand, or chase dogs down the beach. His face screwed up into intense concentration as he flitted between water and sand. He played hard and went home ready for a long nap.

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Do you have a big milestone coming up in your child’s life?

Let’s head to a favorite spot to make some memories so you don’t miss a thing. Contact me today to find out more about my short story sessions – perfect for baby milestones.