Colors of sunrise | Oahu family reunion

I may have let out an audible gasp when this big family group emerged from their 15 passenger rental van. Not only were they stunning, but they actually matched the sunrise. Ever since this  session i’ve been a bit obsessed with the color gold and keep adding to my daughter’s wardrobe. Now, if I could only get my hands on that gold skirt. The group slowly made its way over to the shore at Laie Beach Park to play and explore.

I’ve always loved the chaos and energy of big family groups. Unfortunately, that’s been the major trade-off of moving to Hawaii. Ocean(s!) separate us from our extended family. For that reason, I have fallen in love with capturing the energy in big family reunions. It’s great to see cousins building sand castles together while aunts and uncles effortless herd children and crack jokes. These sessions are always fast and loud and full of laughter. It really feels like family. Over the years i’ve been surprised to discover how many families travel together – for major birthdays, anniversaries, or even as an annual tradition. For these brief moments, I get to celebrate family with them.

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Planning a family reunion in Hawaii? Want to make fun memories from your time together?

Make the most out of your trip with a fun photo session. It doesn’t have to be stiff and painful. We can meet at the beach for a morning of laughter and water fights. Find out more about fun family photography sessions here.


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Good morning | Honolulu baby photographer

It can be hard when you add a second child to the mix. Daily life becomes more hectic and photos of all that baby cuteness can fall by the wayside. Our goal was to change that with a mellow family photo session. Originally the plan was to focus on baby Benjamin with a photo or two of the whole family, but I just couldn’t help myself. They are such a warm, close-knit family and I was drawn to that connection. And their little fur baby? Well, he kept pausing in front of my lens; almost as if to proudly pose in his bright red sweater.

Not too many local families are on board with sunrise sessions. The can start at a painful 5:45am in the summer months. However, when you have a baby in the house, you’re often forced to be early risers. This family was no stranger to sunrise and they looked well rested and ready to explore as we set off into the golden fog of morning. Sunrise at Waimanalo Beach Park is a little bit magical. Beach stretches out before you for miles punctuated by the abrupt rise of the Koolau mountains. You share that vast expanse of sand with some cranky crabs scuttling along the shore, frigatebirds gliding overhead, and the occasional dog walker. That’s pretty impressive for an island with over a million people populating its shores. We breathed in the salt air and enjoyed every bit of our private beach that morning.

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Do you have a baby milestone coming up? Do you want to capture those chubby cheeks before they disappear?

Let’s plan a sweet photo session at your favorite place so you’ll always remember this time. Contact me today to find out more about my special Short Story Sessions.

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Changes | Makapuu Beach family photographer

Amy and Erin had a lot of reasons to celebrate their trip to Hawaii. It was their first family vacation, first photo session with 6-month-old baby Avery, and they were considering moving here. Many of my clients fantasize about moving to Hawaii. Dreams of year-round sunshine with Christmas morning surf sessions and poke picnics by the beach are appealing for most outdoor lovers. Truth be told, it is as awesome as it sounds and seasons are overrated. Summer is the best one, right?

Amy had a rigorous three day job interview, but managed to set aside time for a morning beach photo session. We met at the rocky, dramatic Makapuu Beach which is one of my favorite parts of the island. With only a light breeze brushing the coast, salt spray hung in the air creating a dreamy beach scene. Baby Avery wasn’t sure what to make of this morning adventure, but his moms were happy and all was good in the world.

In the end they decided not to make the move to Oahu. At least I could send them off with salty, sun-soaked memories of their time here.

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Do you have a special event in your life to celebrate?

Let’s plan a fun day on Oahu and make some memories! Find out more about my family photography sessions here.


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One | Honolulu baby portraits

A first photo session to celebrate a first birthday. I know i’m biased, but it’s such a great way to celebrate and reflect on all the major changes you faced in that first year. Now you have this amazing little creature, full of personality. One is about first words and first steps. It’s about sloppy baby kisses and tight snuggles and it’s always been my favorite milestone to photograph.

We met at Waimanalo Beach as the warm glow of sunrise peaked through the wind-swept tangle of Ironwood trees. Baby Kaylee was quiet at first, taking in the entire beach scene. She clung tightly to mom and dad until she felt brave enough to explore on her own. She wasn’t sure about pounding waves, but was content to sit for hours feeling the sand and letting it sift slowly through her chubby fingers. It was a lovely morning to be one.

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Do you have a baby about to turn one?

Let’s capture that amazing transition from baby to toddler with a fun photo session at home or your favorite spaces. A mini photo session paired with a family film is the best way to capture this sweet time in your life. Contact me to find out more about a fun family photography session.

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The ritual | Maui family photographer

Shawn and Adam are an amazing husband and wife photography team on Maui. They were planning a trip to Oahu for a wedding / mini vacation and decided to schedule a family photo session. It was a super short trip so we were left with one day to make it work. That day, it decided to rain.

I have followed their work for a long time and hadn’t had the chance to meet them, so I was looking forward to their session. Plus, one-year-olds are just so much fun to photograph. The weather looked questionable, but I really wanted it to work out. I stubbornly got in the car and wound my way along the coast to Turtle Bay. As sunrise neared, the sky lightened enough to see the thick, angry clouds rolling in from the east. I continued on, hoping for the best, but as I neared Laie, thunder rumbled across the mountains and buckets of rain dumped from the skies. I pulled over and had to admit defeat.

Plan B : I would fly to Maui. And really this was a fantastic idea because it turns out they have the most wonderful morning ritual. Every morning at sunrise, the family packs up their breakfast and makes the short drive to Maluaka Beach. They sip coffee and read books with their toes in the sand and watch the shadows change shape over west Maui. Before packing up, they make a refreshing dive into the ocean. I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

Now, the family has plans to move to Australia and they have to leave this little tradition behind. I’m happy to send them off with some beautiful memories of a life well-lived in Hawaii.

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Do you have a favorite place on the island or a favorite family ritual?

Let’s spend the day doing something your family loves so you can keep beautiful memories of this time in your life. Find out more about my fun family photography sessions here.